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Arvetta M.Souza’s background is filled with multi-disciplinary educational achievements and experiences. Her life cup spills over with family and friends, active involvement in cosmic spirituality and conscious evolutionary endeavors, and initiating transformational experiences that embrace the sacred destiny of humanity.

Arvetta was born on the eastern flats of Colorado, moved to Denver in early childhood and eventually to the east coast of Massachusetts, settling in Malden, a suburb of Boston. She has a large grown 
With more than twenty years in pastoral ministries, Arvetta transcended the limiting dogma of organized religion to a cosmic spirituality and evolutionary consciousness. She was active in the Virtual Co-Creative Community (VCCC), an international, co-creative, social action group for three years, virtually manifesting in a resonant field and process mentored by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  

The Essential Code – Feeling the Urgency of Your Heart is Arvetta’s first book. She offers a different approach in spiritual awakening and enjoys assisting the transformative journey of others. She lives with her husband, Manny, and extends her love and an abundance of blessings to her family and friends, and to all pioneering souls co-creating our sacred destiny.

Update: Year 2014: Arvetta worked as a member of a four member team to present Birth 2012 Boston, a two event educational celebration - and remains as Consultant to the Conscious Evolution Boston Org; has since founded Live Peace Into Being (, a non-profit educational organization, to initiate greater awareness for living in peace and to the new, cutting edge systemics for sustaining personal and collective peace on a vibrant and healthy planet.             

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family and assisted in the family business while 
following her deep desire for further education and spiritual evolution. She achieved seven years in the humanities, two years in business, and lifetime studies in various arenas of spirituality.