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Everything Evolves!

In life, in the universe, within our selves – everything evolves, always - growing, becoming – developing new and greater form. The alternative is to shrink, fade away, depress, despair, eventually to decease and decay.

Our human species has a choice, always (!) – choose a new way of being, take a different path; let go of who you are to become who you were born to be. That means you consistently work toward your highest potential. No matter how good we are at what is, always move forward toward what is possible, but not yet here (what isn’t). We can only do this with inner determination and the best possible effort. Nothing is ever as good as it can be!

In real life, there is no ‘arrival point’. There are plateaus that challenge our determination, but always another door to open, an unfinished journey to master- not by controlling, but from an open heart with an inner compass of joy and discovery – and no promises. There is mystery as to what will be revealed as we evolve into our next state of being – there is nothing, and no one, that remains the same tomorrow as today. Even our dark side will change. Where our change will take us depends on our deepest desire, and/or our need to be ‘right’. Having to be ‘right’ in our beliefs and defenses only creates deeper set habits and shuts off the open heart from its journey to unconditional love. Every heart can open to the beauty of consciousness – The Essential Code will guide you.   
 ~ Arvetta Souza 

If you SEE your Path . . .

“ If you see your path laid out in front of you – Step one, Step two, Step three – you only know one thing . . .it is not your path. Your Path is created in the moment of action. If you can see it laid out in front of you, you can be sure it is someone else’s path. That is why you can see it so clearly.” ~ Joseph Campbell

“You have your own answers ... and you
are invited to listen to your own Truth ~”       ~ Unknown

“Emergence is a moment-to-moment
reality. Each moment is transformative
when we acknowledge the truth that it bears.    - Unknown

“What is not acknowledged cannot be Transformed.” - Robert Ohotto

When you lead with your head, you are directed by life experiences, past decisions,
lessons learned (mostly) "the hard way", and commonly fear. When you lead with
your heart, you are directed by the vast universe of Love with faith in the unity of humanity living in harmony with the divine.
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